In order to assist you better, please consider using the following tools to aide in filing an open records request for prior permits located within the City of Bonita Springs.

Any request involving significant staff time (taking over 15 minutes) will be assessed at the employees hourly wage per hour or portion thereof, plus miscellaneous document charge.

Local [City of Bonita Springs] planning, zoning, development orders, and building permitting information may be obtained using the following source links:

Section 14. Miscellaneous Fees.

The following fees will be charged by the City for copying documents and other miscellaneous services:

[table id=17 /]

An advance deposit of 50% is required for any copying where the estimated miscellaneous fees are expected to exceed $25.00. Failure to pay any past due miscellaneous fees above $5.00 will require for the requestor to become current with the amount owed before the City will comply with any other public records request requiring copying or other replication services, including certification.