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Yes. A Certificate for Termite Treatment is required on the permit board pursuant to Florida Building Code, Section R.318.

Upon issuance of a building permit, and before the footing inspection is performed, the job site must have sanitary facilities and a trash retainer.

No Certificate of Occupancy can be issued on Residential units of four (4) or less until payment of solid waste fees has been received.

You must call for inspections. Please call (239) 444-6170 to schedule an inspection by 6pm the day prior.

When an inspection has failed, a fee will be charged for all recalls and turn-downs. Fees are $50.00 per re-inspection.

Once the plans have been corrected, re-submittal of rejected plans must be made at the Permit Intake Counter and will be processed through the normal procedure time.

Any filed changes of outlets or fixtures, non-structural or structural changes must be submitted to the Permit Intake Counter for processing. If the original plans were sealed by an architect or engineer, the revisions must also be sealed. These must be submitted in plan form of three (3) copies and approved, prior to commencement of work.

Applicants will be notified by phone or email when the permit is approved. At that time you will be given the required fees due and any other paperwork we may need. Recycling may apply in accordance with Chapter 32, Article II of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

The building may not be occupied until the final inspection has been completed and a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, at which time the power company will be notified to connect permanent power. Violators will be cited and temporary power will be disconnected.

Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Roofing, Lawn Sprinkler system, Pools (including above-ground), Spas, Enclosures, Fences, Solar, Fire Sprinklers or Alarm Systems.

Residential review process for “a complete and accurate” application is anticipated to be between 5 to 7 working days. Commercial review process is commensurate with the extent of the project and therefore takes slightly longer .

Permits must be posted at eye-level, visible from the road and protected from the weather. There must also be a set of the approved plans on the job at the time of inspection(s).

The Contractor, an authorized agent or the contractor of the property owner in the presence of the Building Official or designee, must sign the application. Owner-builders must personally appear and sign for their permits. The only exception to this is with a legal, recorded, Power of Attorney.
NOTE: Contractors must be licensed and registered with City of Bonita Springs Building Division.

Plans will be rejected if all required paper work is not complete or not compliant with code. Customers are notified in writing, by phone and/or email.

Every building that is required to meet flood elevation must have an Elevation Certificate marked “Building Under Construction” before further inspections can be done above the slab (or horizontal member in V-Zones). A finished construction elevation certificate is required before the 106 Final Building. The STRAP NUMBER will be 17 digits and is used to identify the land although the owners may change. The strap number is in the upper left hand of your tax bill or you can obtain it from the County Property Appraiser by calling their office at (239) 339-6150.